Tai Chi Chuan is an internal martial art of Chinese origin, also called The Great Fist Supreme.

Its tradition goes back 400 years of antiquity, being at present one of the most precious treasures of the Chinese culture.

The most important of Tai Chi Chuan today (without ruling out its military aspect) is its therapeutic benefit through a significant internal observation and the constant revelation of the lively interaction of the Ying and Yang energies (empty/full, soft/hard , Contraction/expansion.) The practitioner must experience this in the practice of this beautiful discipline.

There are five main styles of Tai Chi Chuan:

TWû / Hao

Here’s an example:

Traditional Yang Style Features

Extended and natural movements
Combination of hardness and softness
Postures beautiful and marked elegance

The sequence of Learning:

Long Form of 103 Movements
Competition Form of 49 Movements
Sable Form of 13 Postures
67 Posture Sword Form
Pushing hands

Within the whole form are contained the ten essential principles (Yang Cheng Fu) that must be observed very carefully, from the first movement to the last

Introduction to Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style by Yang Zhenduo

It comes from the time of Grandmaster Yang Luchan, his sons Yang Banhou and Yang Jianhou
And his grandchildren Yang Shaohou and Yang Cheng-fu.

These three generations had the ideal of making Tai Chi Chuan provide a service to humanity. Together with the changes in society, they carefully researched and developed the Yang style from the Chen style. The Tai Chi Chuan Yang style still holds the aspects of attack and defense, thus maintaining the essence of art. The founders created a form that is slow and soft, open and extended, beautiful in its appearance with force manifested from within. It has the characteristics of being pure and new, unconventional and original.

It emerged from the sands of Chinese martial arts with the aim of improving health, curing diseases, increasing people’s life expectancy and molding character, contributing so brilliantly for the benefit of humanity.

The Tai Chi Chuan Yang style is worked very refined, moderate, rational and structured, firm and complete, with an absolute scientific nature. It is a natural combination of martial art with a method to preserve health and cure diseases.

At the same time, it uniquely combines delicate, comfortable, soft and firm movements. This appropriate combination allows the practitioner to feel comfortable, relaxed and happy, from beginning to end, when he practices the form several times in a session.

The adaptability of the style is great, being able to serve diverse needs. It produces many benefits, satisfying young and old practitioners, as well as those who seek to improve their health and cure illnesses. Tai Chi Chuan Yang style contributes significantly to the splendor of the treasure
Of Chinese martial arts.

In 1956, China’s National Sports Minister used the positions of Tai Chi Chuan Master Yang Cheng-fu as a model to create the simplified forms of 24 and 88 postures. Since its creation, these forms were very well accepted by the public.

These types played a critical role in the development of Tai Chi Chuan inside and outside of China.

The basic theory of Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style is the pattern that guides your healthy growth. The revered Master Yang Cheng-fu wrote the “Ten Essential Principles of Tai Chi Chuan” and
“A Conversation about the Practice of Tai Chi Chuan” and now after the test of time, these writings are still considered as a criterion to follow to promote health through Tai Chi Chuan style Yang.

Observing the development of the Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan provides us with pleasure and satisfaction at this time, the number of practitioners extends throughout the world, increasing daily.

Tai Chi Chuan is very popular and became famous, hoping to contribute for the welfare of humanity.…